What are you doing on Black Friday?

It’s becoming as synonymous with Thanksgiving as turkey, football, and unbuckling your belt. Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving,  is the crazy, chaotic, consumer extension of the holiday and it’s getting crazier and more chaotic every year.

According to the National Retail Fund an estimated 152 million people shopped on Black Friday last year spending more than 11 billion dollars. This year could be even bigger with some stores opening their doors Thursday night before the turkey has even gotten cold. Are you shopping on Black Friday?

Where are you going? What are you looking for? What’s your strategy for getting the best bargains? We want to hear from you. If you’d rather not share your secrets, let us hear your stories. How do you spend the day? Do you and your family make Black Friday shopping a tradition? Do you wear matching clothes or plan lunch dates after your purchases have been made. To share your stories and pictures for publication in this blog email: tracy.briggs@forumcomm.com. And happy shopping!

One thought on “What are you doing on Black Friday?

  1. I loved shopping on Black Friday. My daughter, granddaughter and a friend have shopped on Black Friday for years. We make a day of it….get up early, shop, have breakfast, shop some more, then lunch and shop some more. In between we hit up the coffee shops. With the stores opening at different times, some on Thursday, some on Friday, it will change the way we shop if we even do it anymore. I’m very disappointed as it was something I looked forward to. No more Black Fridays.

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